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Problems solving with Plants: Cases for the Classroom has 14 cases for learning plant biology in real-world contexts and helps for teaching with investigative cases.

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Welcome to myPlant IT

-- the communication hub of the Plant IT
Careers, Cases, and Collaborations Project

This project engages secondary students and teachers in active, collaborative science experiences that integrate IT in the context of plant biology.

Student ParticipantsToday's students must prepare for a rapidly shifting workplace, which requires technology, problem-solving, and team work skills. The project allows students to consider diverse plant science career pathways and provides them with opportunities to conduct, design, and discuss plant investigations. It prepares teachers to use IT tools and investigative case teaching strategies in the classroom.

myPlant IT will provide resources for students and teachers to solve contemporary plant-related biology problems and explore career connections featuring technology and skills that support modern plant science, such as bioinformatics and biotechnology.

Plant IT Online Investigation Spaces will be developed to provide teachers and students access to investigative cases and tools (video, modeling, spreadsheets, digital libraries, visualization, and data analysis) for structured, yet open-ended, exploration of standards-aligned, biology concepts.

Plant IT Student-Teacher-Scientist Collaborations will allow teachers and their students to share data and experiences on a collaboratively developed research topic and communicate with practicing scientists. Teachers who participate in professional development and contribute to a classroom case study will have the opportunity to build on their experience in the online collaborations.

Interested in what’s new in plant science?

High school science teachers from across the nation who have access to internet-connected computers and would like to explore investigative cases in their classrooms are invited to join 14 select teachers in the Summer Institute for Teachers.

Texas high school students can participate in 5-day Summer Career Camps at Texas A&M University.

Goals of the Plant IT Careers, Cases, and Collaborations project are to:

  • Increase high school and middle school student awareness of IT intensive plant careers and practicing scientists
  • Create new and adapt existing instructional materials that enhance student interest in and understanding of plant biology and technologies scientists use in conducting plant research
  • Help secondary school teachers infuse technology and scientific inquiry into their teaching of plant biology
  • Engage students and teachers in forming collaborative learning communities