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myPlant IT Partners

Botanical Society of AmericaThe Botanical Society of America (BSA) is leading the PlantingScience outreach effort to foster student research through science mentorship and inquiry. BSA scientists and professionals from diverse career pathways will take part in take part in the Summer Institutes for Teachers and Student Career Camps. Claire Hemingway is the BSA Education Director and project director.  For more information about myPlant IT activities, please contact her at

PlantingScienceThe online mentoring and collaborative science platform underlying PlantingScience will serve as a model for the Phase 2. Plant IT Collaborations. 

The BioQUEST philosophy is to engage students in:

  1. Problem posing—Grappling with multiple issues involved in the posing of a problem, including significance, feasibility and bias
  2. Problem solving—Appreciating the nature of scientific solutions
  3. Peer persuasion—Convincing peers outside of a research team of the utility of the problem solutions                      

Margaret Waterman and Ethel Stanley, authors of Biological Inquiry:  A workbook of investigative cases for Biology 2e (an AP biology text), will lead the investigative cases at the summer teacher institutes. 

Texas A & M University

Texas A&M will host the Summer Institutes for Teachers and Student Summer Career Camps on the friendly College Station Campus. Carol Stuessy, in the TAMU Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture, is leading the formative and summative assessment and guiding the science education research.Texas A & M University