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Summer Institute for Teachers
2008, 2009, 2010

Texas A & M We invited high school and middle school teacher from across the country to join us at Texas A&M University for a 2-week workshop.

The aim was to introduce investigative cases for secondary school classes to explore contemporary plant biology problems and career connections featuring the technology that support modern plant science.

With investigative cases, you can:

  • Root your classroom science investigations in real world problems
  • Discover career connections to biology content
  • Access e-science resources to prepare your students with 21st Century skills
  • Explore data, visualization tools, analysis tools and other resources for structured, yet open-ended investigations
  • Develop case materials tailored for your classroom

Case materials available online:

2008 Biology Focus: Remote Sensing and Pollen 

2009 Biology Focus: Ethnobotany and Seeds  

2010 Biology Focus: Bioinformatics and Natural Fiber Textiles

Teaching and Learning with Investigative Cases

Case materials and resources (e.g. real-time databases, images, simulations, maps, links to open source tools, etc.) are available for download on each workshop page.